Creating a diverse brand that saves and challenges animal rights

This is an identity refresh for a social media community-led influencer brand that supports and promotes all vegan and vegetarian products.  


Recognising that society still stigmatises vegans, we created a new visual and verbal identity that reflected the views of the founder and audience.


After all, any group of people willing to go against the grain and live a more ethical way of life, deserve to be backed by a brand that encapsulates the boldness of their revolution.

The idea behind our concept was to create a likeable and accessible brand. One that vegans and vegetarians would be proud to share on their own social platforms, and one that would also present itself to meat-eaters in a much more engaging and progressive way.


Taking inspiration from the hand-painted animal rights posters of the 60s, the new brand identity features risqué content that stops the audience in their tracks - while at the same time balancing humour and love with determination. 


From actions such as stretching and squashing the font to making hand drawn illustrations, this is an adaptable and updated brand. The colour palette is contemporary, with hard to ignore copy and imagery, allowing the brand to stand proud and cut through the noise. 


The Not To Die For identity refresh now places the brand right in the centre of the fight for products supporting animal rights. 

3-NTDF copy.jpg